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Aluminum foil Mylar application range and common specifications

Update:21 Jul 2018

Aluminum foil Mylar's famous aluminum-plastic composite […]

Aluminum foil Mylar's famous aluminum-plastic composite tape is based on high-purity aluminum foil. The PET polyester film is further coated, and the aluminum foil Mylar film is cooked and then cut and wound, which can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference.

Aluminum foil Mylar is mainly used in precision electronic products, computer communication, wire and cable, automotive insulation industry, pharmaceutical industry, air conditioning hose equipment industry, electronic battery industry packaging.

1. Aluminum foil Mylar is also called aluminum-plastic composite belt. Common varieties are: single-sided aluminum foil, double-sided aluminum foil, blue aluminum foil, wingspan aluminum foil, butterfly wing aluminum foil, electronic aluminum foil, hot-melt aluminum foil, aluminum-plastic composite cable aluminum foil, Foil tape.

2. Electrical characteristics of Aluminum mylar film: Mainly used as anti-electromagnetic interference, usually in 1-100MHZ, when the shielding attenuation is about 70dB, it can be achieved with single-sided aluminum foil.

3. Aluminum foil Mylar color: common colors are blue and silver, can also be made into red green, gold, etc. according to needs, can also be printed according to customer needs and printed twill.

4. Application of aluminum foil Mylar: Mainly used in computer lines, household communication cables, high-frequency signal lines, RF lines, coaxial cables, etc.

5. Slitting and packaging: The minimum width of slitting is 4mm, the maximum outer diameter of the winding is 800mm, and the carton is packed.