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Aluminum foil tape is widely used in the packaging industry

Update:14 Jun 2018

Since the beginning of its production, Aluminum mylar f […]

Since the beginning of its production, Aluminum mylar film technology has experienced rapid development. Today, the research and development of aluminum foil tape can fully meet the needs of producing environmentally friendly wood-based panel products. From the application structure of aluminum foil tape, it can be seen that the packaging industry is the largest industry for this product. It is widely distributed in various fields such as paper products, printing and decorating, plastics, and other packaging industries. At the same time, with the development of its industry, it has also increased packaging. The quality and grade of the product have promoted the development of the packaging industry.

The cartons and cartons production industry is the industry with the largest amount of usage in China. At present, there are more than 15,000 cartons and cartons manufacturing enterprises in China. When the cartons and cartons were produced at the beginning, they used scouring alkali adhesives. Due to the fact that scouring alkali adhesives are easy to return to moisture and efflorescence, the adhesive strength is low, and cartons and cartons bonded with them are easily deformed and discolored. Therefore, as early as 1985, the state has banned the use of starch sticks. Mixtures or other binders with the same effect.

Aluminum foil tape has many characteristics such as wide application, easy use, high economic benefit and rapid development. With the development of economy and advancement of science and technology, it will be more and more important to people's attention and become an industry with great development prospects.