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Aluminum mylar help with the growth of plants

Update:22 Mar 2018

The prime traits of Mylar are its high tensile strength […]

The prime traits of Mylar are its high tensile strength, chemical stability, reflectivity, transparency, electrical insulation, and gas/aroma barriers.It is however more commonly referred to as polyester film, which was created by a company called DuPont in the early 1950's. Due to its superior durability, heat resistance and strength the use of cellophane steadily gave way to Mylar during the 1960's.You can find kinds of aluminum mylar from Linan Hongcheng Telecommunication Material Co., Ltd.

How can aluminum mylar help with the growth of plants?

A vast amount of the Mylar sheeting available usually incorporates a white backing to prevent the least amount of light as possible leaking through, and due to the strength possessed it is extremely durable.

Mylar sheeting is a perfect material to aid in plant growth due to its high reflective properties. Applying the sheets to the walls and floors enables the light to bounce around the room to create as much light as possible for the plants to absorb.