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Application of aluminum foil

Update:29 Mar 2018

The following is a partial list of how you can use alum […]

The following is a partial list of how you can use aluminum foil

1. If you live in a place that has radiators to heat rooms, you can improve their efficiency. Wrap aluminum foil on one side of a large piece of cardboard or thin plywood, then place behind the radiators (foil side facing towards the radiator). This will help radiate heat out into the room.

2. Speaking of camping and the great outdoors, you can use foil to signal rescuers should that particular need arise.

3. If you have hole in your wall that needs to be patched, rather than wasting a lot of Spackle, fill it in first with wadded up foil, then apply the Spackle. Besides saving on patching material, it also provides a base for applying the patching material to.

4. If your reception on your TV or radio is not as good as it could, attach a piece of foil on the existing antenna. You will probably have to play with the placement of the foil till you get a better reception.
5. To eliminate static cling after retrieving clothes from the dryer, toss a crumbled up piece of foil into the dryer before drying your clothes.

6. To keep pesky birds out of your fruit trees, attach strips of foil to limbs using fishing line.