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Characteristics and application of polyester fiber tape

Update:13 Jul 2018

Polyester fiber tape is also called polyester fiberglas […]

Polyester fiber tape is also called polyester fiberglass tape, polyester film tape, polyester fiber tape, glass fiber fiber film tape, glass fiber film tape, Metallised Polyester Film and so on.

Application range:
1, mainly for transformer coils, cable wire core insulation winding enhancement, electric motor, heavy equipment, coil wrapping and color tube explosion-proof, LCD plasma panel fastening and fixed insulation.
2, polyester fiber tape high temperature resistance, oil resistance, mineral oil resistance, high tensile strength, used as a construction belt, is the assistant of the winding machine.

Polyester fiber tape can last for 3 hours in a 120 degree environment, 150 degrees can last for 1 hour, polyester fiber tape has high strength, high insulation, no residue, no transfer, strong adhesion and other comprehensive performance, products In line with ROHS environmental protection requirements, UL is in the process of certification, the product can completely replace similar imported products in terms of performance.