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Detailed application of cable aluminum foil Mylar

Update:19 Apr 2018

The literal meaning of cable aluminum foil Mylar can al […]

The literal meaning of cable aluminum foil Mylar can also be seen. It must be an aluminum foil Mylar tape applied to cable cables. How does it apply? What role does it play in it? Below one by one to explain to you -
High-temperature lines have characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and weather resistance. To reach these general requirements of quality, many data combinations are processed by special techniques. In production, in addition to the primary data, supporting information is also necessary.

1. Fill data include: polyester fiber, cotton yarn, PP rope. The intention is to insist on rounding the cable, reduce the amount of rubber, reduce costs, and increase cable strength. Among them, polyester fibers are commonly used for wire rods with a high demand for twists and turns.
2. Separated materials, including: cotton paper, polyester tape, foam PP tape, talc/mica powder, silicone oil, DOP, B.T.A.
(1) Talcum powder/mica powder, when extruded from the outside, the PVC of the core wire is coated with the coated PVC to be heated, and it is simply adhered and separated with talcum powder/mica powder to ensure the opening of the skin and control of adhesion. High temperature and fireproof cable
(2) Core cotton paper, polyester tape, and foam PP tape. When the cable is wrapped into a cable, it can be wrapped around the tape to make the wire round and secure the opening.
(3) Silicone oil, spraying during insulation extrusion, the first is to improve the adhesion between the conductor and the insulation, for insulation between the high temperature cable and the outer cover to ensure open skin.
(4) B.T.A., the solution is applied to the outer surface of the conductor during the insulation of the extrusion. The primary role is to avoid oxidation of the bare copper wire.
(5) DOP, used between conductors and insulation to improve the adhesion between conductors and insulation.

3. Shielding information includes: cable aluminum tape Mylar belt, weaving line, oblique envelope. Shielding can effectively avoid mutual interference inside and outside the shield.