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The Polish customer visiting our factory

Update:04 Aug 2016

  During Apri 3rd.the Polish customer visiting our […]


During Apri 3rd.the Polish customer visiting our factory,To facilitate the upgrade, had to replace all of the z-axis mounts on his 3D printer. He designed and 3D printed these new pieces in PLA, at a 0.2mm layer height at 200°C. All of his 3D printed parts can be downloaded for free on the project’s Thingiverse page.

upgraded z-axis has eliminated the squeaking and wobbling produced by the threaded rod. But is the upgrade worthwhile? The debate between threaded rod advocates and lead screw supporters goes back years. Generally, defenders of the humble threaded rod have argued that the cost of a lead screw eclipses the small improvement offered, and that proper maintenance of a threaded rod can lead to similarly high performance. Lead screw backers typically point to the improved accuracy and precision of their preferred device. Where do you stand on the eternal rod debate?