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Electronic Materials - Aluminium foil Mylar

Update:04 May 2018

Aluminium foil Mylar is a soft aluminum foil and polyes […]

Aluminium foil Mylar is a soft aluminum foil and polyester film as raw materials, with aluminum foil Mela ripening and then sub-cut volume, with anti-signal interference and other effects.

Aluminium foil Mylar will have the following defects during the rolling process. The surface of the aluminum foil will have some bright spots. The bright mark is mainly due to the lack of strength of the double oil film, or uneven roll rolling caused by uneven roll surface, and the appearance of a skin or foreign material pressed into shape.

Followed by the vibration marks on the surface of aluminum foil Mylar. The oscillating trace refers to the periodic shear wave on the surface of the aluminum foil. There are two causes of chatter marks: one is due to the roll formed during grinding, and the cycle is about 10~20mm; the other is that when the rolling is performed, the oil film discontinuously forms a vibration and often occurs in a speed zone with a period of 5 cycles. ~10mm. The root cause of chatter marks is the lack of oil film strength, which can usually be eliminated by improving the lubrication condition.