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Model Specifications and Applications of Aluminum Foil

Update:13 Apr 2018

Extra Heavy Duty (XHD): There isn't a stronger foil com […]

Extra Heavy Duty (XHD): There isn't a stronger foil commercially available than this, however it is possible some manufacturers can custom make a thicker foil but it would cost exceptionally high. Extra heavy duty foil comes in at 0.0015 gauge or 35 microns in thickness.

Standard (SD): In the US, a true standard foil will be 0.00065 gauge. Rounded up, this is commonly known in the industry as 0.0007 gauge foil. This standard foil gauge translates to at least 16 microns in thickness and is the most widely used gauge of commercial foil wrap today. An economy gauge foil is only 0.00055 gauge or 14 microns.

Heavy Duty (HD): A true heavy duty foil wrap measures in at 0.00087 gauge, commonly rounded up to 0.001 gauge, equivalent to 23.5 microns. 0.001 is most widely used heavy duty gauge within the food service industry. An economy gauge heavy duty foil is only 0.00082 gauge or approximately 20 microns thick.