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Process characteristics of single-sided aluminum foil Mylar

Update:12 Dec 2017

Commonly used in the market, there are two kinds of med […]

Commonly used in the market, there are two kinds of medicinal single-sided aluminum foil Mylar, which are 8011 aluminum foil Mylar and 8021 aluminum foil Mylar. The general thickness of 8011 alloy is below 0.05mm, and the thickness of 8021 alloy is above 0.05mm. In general terms, the main production process is: Blank Inspection - Billet - open in the sub-rolling - Co-rolling - rolling products - cutting - furnace annealing - finished packaging. Medical aluminum foil Mylar surface requirements without oil, no bright crystal, no black lines, no pinhole, no macular, no lotus leaf, etc., in the production process, the surface and performance control, mainly for a few things:
First, we must first control the quality from the source, strict inspection of blanks;
Secondly, during the rolling process, the surface quality is controlled by controlling the cleaning and roughness of the rolls, selecting the rolling oil, reducing the viscosity of the rolling oil and controlling the running speed of the machine.
Third, again, in the slitting process, to ensure that when cutting aluminum edge part of the roll neat, can not appear such as the quality problems such as the floss;

Fourth, the last in the annealing process, according to the performance requirements of the medical single-sided aluminum foil to control the annealing time and annealing temperature to ensure clean oil.