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Several aspects of China's aluminum foil urgently need improvement

Update:17 May 2018

With the rapid development of aluminum foil and Mylar i […]

With the rapid development of aluminum foil and Mylar industry in China and the changes in the market, the production capacity of slitting equipment continues to increase, and the product quality needs to be further improved. Based on the current situation of use, the performance requirements of slitters for various manufacturers in use are summarized. Need to improve in the following areas:

Improve the cutting machine's production capacity. General requirements aluminum foil roll diameter of about 1000 mm, winding diameter of up to 600 mm;

Improve the ease of operation. The increase in the diameter of the aluminum foil original roll, which is labor-intensive for the operator, requires that the equipment be reduced in labor intensity. The unwinding system is divided into a shaft unwinding and a shaftless unwinding. Generally, there is no shaft unwinding, and the upper roll is easily clamped. As long as a lift truck is used, both the upper roll and the lower roll can be used to reduce the labor intensity.

Aluminium foil Mylar improves slitting speed. It is increased to 200-300/min based on the current slitting speed. Increasing the slitting speed of aluminum foil is the main way to increase production capacity. High speed is one of the main means for companies to increase production and reduce costs.