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Surface corrosion of cable foil

Update:21 Nov 2017

Many people have confused the oxidation and corrosion o […]

Many people have confused the oxidation and corrosion of aluminum foil, in fact, the two are completely different, the corrosion is aluminum atoms lose electrons to form white powder, no products to protect the substrate; oxidation of aluminum atoms with oxygen to form oxides, the product has a protective effect on aluminum substrate. Aluminum can form an oxide film of about 1/500 m in nature, which can protect itself from itself. The aluminum foil is formed on the surface after corrosion of lime would seriously reduce the coating peeling strength of plastic foil.
Corrosion of aluminum foil is caused by water or lye. Wet corrosion of aluminum foil during transportation is a common cause of corrosion. Another overlooked is caused by fog. Aluminum foil volume under the condition of high temperature at night long distance transport, fast cooling aluminum coil side of the other side, at high temperature, cooling at the fog condensation on them and the infiltration of aluminum sheet, shipped to the customer's warehouse, and put a sense of high temperature low temperature side heating, caused by corrosion of aluminum coil.
The solution is:
Aluminum packaging tightly, to prevent rain;
Aluminum coil without packaging and transportation at high temperature.