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The common technical parameters and use of aluminum foil tape

Update:23 Jan 2018

Aluminum foil tape with aluminum foil as substrate, man […]

Aluminum foil tape with aluminum foil as substrate, manufacturing acrylic or rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive, high quality, good viscosity, strong adhesion, thermal insulation performance is greatly improved, high peeling strength, excellent cohesion, no environmental pollution, weather resistance and ideal bonding materials of high and low temperature performance. Aluminum foil Mylar tape with seam paste all aluminum foil composite material, insulation nail puncture sealing and damage repair. It is the main raw and auxiliary material for fridge and freezer production plant. It is used for insulation materials of pipes for heating and cooling equipment and for building anechoic material, rock wool and ultra-fine glass cotton outer sheath. It can also be applied to damp proof, antifogging and anti-corrosive packaging materials for export equipment.
Technical indicators:
1, peeling strength 12N/25mm,
2, the stick holding strength is 60 /25X25mm/1Kg without displacement,
3, the initial viscosity (diameter 11) 100m,
4, the temperature is -100 C ~+100 C. Specification: width 1.21*1000m (parent volume specification)
It can be cut and cut according to the order processing. Mylar foil Mylar tape with high purity aluminum foils coated Mylar foil Mylar tape with PET conductive adhesive and environment-friendly or conductive adhesive and electrostatic dissipation is excellent; not easy to fold, tear resistance, heat resistance, good stability; can effectively protect the parts covered; mainly as insulation materials industry, automobile industry, pharmaceutical industry, insulation equipment, air conditioning hose industry electron battery packaging industry.