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The use of tape in electronic products

Update:26 Jul 2018

The tapes we use now are made of some very good tape ma […]

The tapes we use now are made of some very good tape materials. The protective film for electronic screensavers can also be said to be tape. This tape needs high transparency, scratch resistance and damage resistance. The sticker itself provides a good protection.

For example, if our mobile phone does not have a protective film tape, the phone is easily dirty. Everyone can take out their own mobile phone to see if this is the case. Even on the back of the mobile phone, we have added a mobile phone case, which is also a protection function. We can often see the film stalls on the side of the road, often more than one such stall in a street. This shows that our need for protective film tape is very large. However, we must choose a good protective film to better protect your mobile phone. Many people buy the mobile phone directly when they buy the mobile phone. The price is several times more expensive than the small one. The reason is good quality. , get the trust of customers.

There is also a textured paper, which is used for capacitor electronic components and ribbon packaging; it is used in combination with kraft paper strips; it is suitable for the spraying of paints or other ordinary paints; for electroplated parts used for precision plating Covering of electroplating parts; dusting, painting, plating shielding, circuit board (PCB) processing, electrical product insulation, transformers, coils, etc.

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