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Understand the secondary crystallization of aluminum foil Mylar annealing process

Update:09 Jan 2018

  In the end what is the second crystallization of alum […]

  In the end what is the second crystallization of aluminum foil Mylar annealing process? Incomplete recrystallization annealing of aluminum foil Mylar includes stress relief annealing and partial softening annealing, which are mainly used for the production of pure aluminum foil Mylar and non-heat-treatable aluminum alloy semi-hard products.
Elimination of internal stress annealing, the metal structure does not change, still maintain the deformation of the organization, only to eliminate the internal residual stress in the material. Part of the softening annealing, then the metal part of the organization changes, in addition to the existence of processing deformation of the organization, there are still a certain amount of recrystallized microstructure. According to the mechanical properties of different materials, can take different temperature or time of the annealing system.
Annealing system, not only to consider the annealing temperature and holding time, but also to consider the alloy composition, impurity content, cold deformation, intermediate annealing temperature, heating rate, cooling rate and weight, stack height, product specifications and other effects.
When designing a reasonable incomplete recrystallization annealing system, the change curve of annealing temperature, holding time and mechanical properties must be measured first, and then the range of annealing temperature and holding time should be determined according to the performance indexes stipulated in the technical conditions.